Pollution Control Board Officials Visit EGP’s Biogas Plant

During our biogas plant’s first two months of operation many visitors have come to see the technology for themselves. In November, representatives from the Pollution Control Board (PCB) visited and were given the grand tour.

About 15 members representing the Central PCB, Tamil Nadu PCB, the Delhi PCB and the CIPET Company were shown the digester treatment train, the gas storage, and the generator set-up. Questions regarding the microbial community performing all the hard work, and the biogas composition and production were fielded by the plant’s operators who recommended that encouraging replication of the system should be a high priority.

Vijayabaskar and Rosie with PCB representatives

EGP's Microbiologist, Vijayabaskar, and Engineers Without Borders Volunteer, Rosie Sanderson, Escort PCB Visitors









The Pollution Control Board is the body in charge of environmental monitoring and ensuring compliance with environmental legislation. Waste management and land contamination is at the heart of their work. They were particularly impressed with the cleanliness and efficiency of the system.

One representative from the Central PCB commented that the plant was a “good attempt, well planned and established in a systematic way.” Another, representing the Delhi PCB, said “The concept is very good to produce energy by using organic waste produced from households. Keep it up.” They were very interested in promoting the use of the domestic models displayed at the plant in households across India.

Vijayabaskar with PCB Officials

Microbiologist Vijayabaskar Explains the Biogas Plant








Vijayabaskar and Rosie With PCB Representatives









PCB Officials Visit the Generator

PCB Representatives Visit the Biogas Plant's Electricity Generator

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